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My Personnel CV
Over 30 Years Experience in the Fire Industry
My Work Experience & Fire Industry CV

My name is David Williamson, Proprioter of Firesure Systems Ltd. With some 30 + years industry experience

My own work experience started with a 5 year electrical apprentiship at the local college in Norwich. Here I achived with credits pass ratings on my exam results which helped pave the way to becoming a qualified electrician. Durring these early years I was very fortunate to be encoraged to partisipate in all aspects of the company, so I embarked on a variety of job functions along side electrical work, such as the installation of tv aerial and tv systems within schools, nurse call systems within nursing homes ect, then came my first involvment with installing fire alarm systems as an electrician,

Around this time and after picking up lots of work experience in many areas, I changed jobs and joined my first fire alarm company, and since doing so I have worked in all levels of the business, I started at the bottom by installing fire systems, before moving upward to a service engineer - technical support engineer - area supervisor - nationwide service department supervisor - national regional office manager, all of which took up some 25 years before forming Firesure some 8 + years ago.


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