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BS 5839
Maintenance of a Fire Alarm System is categorised into two main areas:-

1) User Checks

All manual call points should be tested by the designated owner/user of the property every week. A different manual call point should be tested on each test to ensure that all call points are regularly tested on the system. This type of testing confirms to the user that all of the manual call points on the systems are working and gives the property occupiers the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the sound of the fire alarm. The occupiers should also know on which day and at what time the alarm is tested to ensure everyone understands that a test is being carried out. All user checks should be recorded onto the system logbook with any defects being reported immediately to the servicing company.
Staff should be encouraged to notify the owner/user if they feel the sound level of the fire alarm is not loud enough in their specific area so that further investigation can be carried out.

If a standby generator or vented batteries are used for standby power then these should be tested at least on a monthly basis to ensure reliability of the system and for the reduction in false alarms.

2) Maintenance Service Company Checks

A fire alarm system should by checked for operation no longer than every 6 months or less depending on the outcome of a risk assessment to determine if more frequent service visits are required.

The service company should carry out all function testing of all of the fire alarm devices including activating smoke detectors, check and carry out tests to the control panel for correct operation and test any signalling lines to a central station for automatic call out of the fire brigade.

Firesure can design a tailored made maintenance package for a fire alarm system that ensures that the systems will work as it should when it is needed most - in an emergency situation and at the same time helping with the reduction is false alarms.

Service and Maintenance - If the cost of maintaining your existing system is high, ask us for a quotation without obligation. Many of our customers benefit from us having access to most operating systems.

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